Join The Inner Circle of our Vendors

Stellar Events, LLC is a local collective of the most talented, reliable, and admirable wedding professionals. We believe when we help other professionals grow, we ourselves will also benefit and thrive. We keep the highest standards so that each of us is confident when referring our peers, and the clients we have come to know will be introduced to otheramazing wedding professionals to make their day flawless, fun, and absolutely unforgettable.

How can Stellar Events help you?

Want to Reach More Clients?

As a member of the Stellar Events Colorado collective, you are given free online exposure as well as coveted word-of-mouth advertising every single day from all of your fellow members.

Want to Reach the Right Clients?

Stellar Events clients are extensively filtered by an experienced planner, who knows the business. All of your referrals will be pre-qualified and matched specifically to you whenever it’s a good fit.

Want to Close More Clients?

Stellar Events members get the kind of support they really need in running a business. Receive feedback on why or why not you’re closing, have opportunities to learn new business skills, be kept abreast of the latest trends, and more! Stellar Events is here to have your back 100%!

Want to Save Your Marketing Dollars?

At Stellar Events, it’s no risk to you! You only pay a 5% referral fee when you close business thanks to the Inner Circle, so you know exactly where your marketing dollars are going – to the new wedding you just scored!

Stellar Events strives for a win-win-win situation. There’s no annual fee to become a member, no monthly subscription. When you join the Stellar Events Inner Circle, you are immediately a part of a family that supports one another to help your business boom!