Blush and Bashful Wedding Looks for 2013


From this week’s Susan G Komen Hope for the Cure event that Stellar Events had the honor to plan, we are inspired and thinking pink!


While pink has been around in wedding trends for years, the shades do seem to be changing and shifting in 2013 and 2014 for brides and grooms.  What’s been hot for years is, well…hot pink.  Magentas have roamed the runways and popped in the décor of thousands of weddings, but now more subtle, more romantic ruddy shades are taking center stage.  Here are some visions to give engaged couples plenty of ideas for an elegant and bashful blush wedding.


Wearing a non-white wedding dress no longer continues to be reserved for audacious brides. For those brides looking to have a timeless look with a classy yet unexpected touch, blush wedding dresses are a nice option. Whether for the bridal gown or for the bridesmaids, blush is a uber feminine palette to work with, and it is flattering on virtually any skin tone.


And don’t forget the bridal accessories!


The idea of “rustic glam” will be ever-popular in a state like Colorado, where outdoors and a casual attitude flourish. Here important touches have been made with subtle pink sugar.  And the casual linen napkins are contrasted with crystal glassware and gold to make the setting far more fancy.


Here the happy couple opted for a picnic table sans linen but included lots of gold leaf to accompany the pink and rosy.


Mixing a sweet pink with a glittery metallic make a stunning combination.  If a couple comes together with “opposites attract,” so can their wedding details – in a chic and soft way.


Here the blush is coming out in the linen…and sequin linens are no longer considered too flashy for fashion.  They are gaining in popularity every day.


And fabrics and flowers aren’t the only places we are seeing rose rise.  Here are some delicious strawberry rose Champagne tea cupcakes with an enchanting strawberry rose Swiss buttercream from Leaf & Crumb Bakery in Denver.


Mixmatch is the way to go these days, and these chair covers are great example of a simple and subltle way of bringing a fashion-forward idea to your wedding decor.


Or give Eclectic Hive a call to set up a sleek sitting nook for your wedding guests at the reception.  With a little drapery, solitary chandelier, and uplighting, a soft pink haven awaits!


The bottom line is that color is everything in the weddings to come, and If you’re thinking pink as much as we are at Stellar Events these days, this should offer you some inspiration to make you blush!!

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  1. The gown belongs to the great Vera Wang! I’m sorry, I dont have a link to purchase, but thank you for the inquiry!

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