2014 Wedding Color Trends

Though we are only a few months into 2013, many of our brides and grooms are already busy planning their weddings for 2014…And since a wedding color scheme should be one of the first decisions before starting other arrangements, we thought we’d share what our busy-bee forecasters have predicted will be the hottest and most sought after wedding color trends of 2014.

The consensus? There’s no doubt that 2014 weddings will be extremely colorful!


Blues may reign once again as one of weddings’ most prevalent colors. The “color of trust” has gained in popularity in previous years in shades of blue-green, teal, peacock, and turquoise, but we expect to see more monochromatic schemes of mid-tone blues in 2014 weddings.


Given the popularity of outdoor wedding and growing interests in sustainability and nature, green is also leading in the charts. Traditional palettes of avocado will remain popular, but expect mint, whose popularity has skyrocketed for 2013 weddings— to get some serious love too.


Sunbaked shades will also take the forefront during 2014 wedding season. Cool reds are steadily losing ground to ones with warm, yellow undertones. Oranges are becoming more and more prominent, and yellow has spent the past few years rocking the world of accent colors and showing no signs of slowing down.


The most predicted varieties of pink are more sophisticated versions of the raspberry and “ballerina” pinks we will see a lot of in this year’s weddings. Next year, brides and grooms will offer more mixes of magenta with paler pinks, creating what we’d describe as an elegant blush.


Grey is the cornerstone of eclectic design…diverse with either warm or cool combinations; the color lends itself to unique patterns, which will be even more prominent in 2014 weddings. It sits side by side extremely well with a kaleidoscope of clashing colors, which will no doubt promenade the runways as well as the weddings in 2014. And as purple is taking a step back in 2014 from its immense popularity in recent years, it will still be found hinted in other colors like grey.


In conclusion, 2014 is going to be the brightest, most saturated weddings season we’ve seen yet. Not only will deep, concentrated colors take the spotlight, but they’ll also be contrasted with other vibrant hues. 2014 weddings will embellish intense shades, unexpected combinations in textures and patterns, even cut+paste craziness…

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